5 Things to Look For in Sunglasses for Outdoor Activities

Vacation adventure tours are amazing. Fishing, hiking, and more are available. You may also simply enjoy a day at a sunny beach. But, damaging UV rays can affect your eyes during these outdoor activities. Packing a pair of sunglasses in the travel bag is important for every adventure lover.

Why wear sunglasses for outdoor trips?

Wearing sunglasses will save your eyes from various health issues. The fashionable eye accessories create a protective layer against harmful rays. You can avoid long-term damage to your eyes if you wear these accessories.

Consider a couple of factors in purchasing your eyewear for better eye protection.

Should you prefer non-polarized or polarized lenses?

Most adventure enthusiasts love to wear sunglasses with polarized lenses. They have a filter to obstruct the light and reduce the glare from road surfaces. When you engage in driving and fishing, wear polarized sunglasses. Although non-polarized models have no filters, they provide some UV protection.

Lens materials

Plastic and glass are some common materials used for outdoor eyewear. 

  • Impact-resistant, lightweight plastic lenses ensure UV protection.¬†
  • Glass lenses provide good optical clarity. However, they are slightly heavier and have a risk of shattering.
  • Trivex lenses are also highly durable and come with optical quality.

Based on your needs, you can choose the lens material for your sunglasses.

Proper fit

Without a proper fit, you will not feel comfortable. The best sunglasses provide optimal comfort and protection. Pick the right frame size based on your face shape. The premium-quality sunglasses have a well-designed bridge and nose pads for a secure fit. They will prevent slippage during your outdoor activities. Rubberized temple grips are also an important feature of sunglasses.

Lens tints

The light transmission level is different for every type of lens tint. Gray-tinted lenses minimize brightness and are a perfect choice for outdoor adventure lovers. On the contrary, brown lenses improve depth perception and contrast. There are also orange and yellow lenses for better visual clarity. You can choose lenses that match various lighting conditions.

Modern photochromic lenses automatically adjust the tints depending on the UV exposure level.

Frame style and lens shape

The best frame designs make you feel comfortable for a longer period. Full-frame sunglasses provide comprehensive protection and ensure better coverage. On the contrary, half-frame sunglasses have a sleeker design. You must not overlook the lens shape, which affects your experience during the outdoor trip. Wraparound sunglass lenses are intended for those engaging in high-intensity sport activities. On the contrary, some sunglasses have aviator-style lenses to provide an elegant look.

So, these are some important details you must check while buying sunglasses for outdoor activities. However, you must not overlook the floatability of the sunglasses. The best sunglasses that float are made from special materials. Floatable sunglass frames are designed with buoyant materials. There are also air pockets in frames to increase buoyancy. Especially if you engage in water activities, floatable sunglasses are essential accessories.