Anuv Jain: Biography, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth And More

Anuv Jain Biography

Anuv Jain is a very famous singer. His music is majorly loved by the youngers. He has a huge fan base across the world. That is why he keeps performing at concerts in different parts of the world. He has a great fan base and keeps on performing in concerts for his fans. Read the blog till the end to gather the complete information about Anuv Jain Biography, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth And More.

Anuv Jain Biography

Anuv Jain is an Indian singer and songwriter known for his soothing voice and heartfelt lyrics. He gained popularity with songs like “Baarishein” and “Maula.” Anuv’s music depicts themes of love, life, and self-reflection, making him a favorite among young listeners. He continues to charm his audience with his soulful melodies and relatable storytelling. Afterwards he is continuously releasing new albums and fans cannot get over his beautiful voice and lyrics. He has created a different kind of craze among the youth. His famous songs are Baarishein, Riha, alag asmaan, gul and husn. He was born and brought up in Punjab. He lost his father at a very young age and after that his musical journey began. His family supported his dreams. He has made his career very strong through his talent and will continue to earn more fame and love from the audiences in the coming years.

Anuv Jain Age

Anuv was born on 11th March 1995 in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. As of 2024 Anuv Jain age is 29 years. In this age he has shown his potential via his great potential. In coming years we will surely see him great success.

Anuv Jain Height

Anuv Jain height is 5 feet and 8 inches. So we can say that his height is average height but still he looks perfect the way way he carry his personalities. He is a star who knows how to carry himself with this height.

Anuv Jain Physical Appearance

He is tall with black hair and black eyes making him look different from the rest. His weight is 68 kgs. His spirits and jovial nature when on stage prove that he has confidence and love for his job.

Early Life

He was 19 years old when he lost his father due to prolonged illness and this family tragedy inspired his music. After his father’s demise his musical journey started at the age of 19 years. This became a tragic experience for Anuv especially since it is the base for his songwriting. This is how he is able to convey stories through music. When asked about what he wants to convey through his music, Anuv answers, “I usually want to tell stories in my songs.” He later dedicated and sought comfort by singing and learning how to play the guitar while writing songs. These included a variety of music ranging from Western to Indian melodies. It no doubt gave him the basis to create his own unique style of writing, touching lyrics with simple but mesmerizing melodies.

Anuv Jain Parents And Siblings

The information on Anuv’s parents is little known except that his father’s demise and had a major impact on his work. Anuv has a twin sister named Anigha Jain who works as a make-up artist. With his life experience they learned that the support of family is important, and it helped him to pursue his passion for music during the difficult years.

Anuv Jain Education

Anuv’s primary education is not known. He completed his higher education from one of the best institutes of India named Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai and had done BBA. It was during his stay in Mumbai that he developed his interest in music. While in college, Anuv lived his passion by participating in music concerts at college fests and other local events.

Anuv Jain Professional Career

Anuv has a professional YouTube channel he launched in 2012 when he was in class 11. In 2018 he came out with the song named “Baarishein’ which was a hit and had seen more than 200 million streams on Spotify. The success of “Baarishein” guaranteed Anuv’s place in the Indian music industry. His later records such as “Ocean”, “Riha”, “Maula” and “Husn” received equal attention from the audience. His song “Husn” alone got a million-plus streams on Spotify in the first week of its release. Anuv is a full-time musician who chose this job during the pandemic COVID-19. This decision made him play to large gatherings across India, which gave him a chance to meet more fans in person.

Anuv Jain Social Media Handle

Anuv Jain carefully manages his social media accounts and ensures that he is active on YouTube where he has over 1.86 million subscribers and Total Views: 325 million. His channel gives him a platform through which to host his music and reach out to his fans. Also, Anuv is present in other social media handles. He regularly shares posts with his followers as well as informing them about his progress in music. His fanbase was mainly made through his social media accounts. He was able to reach a worldwide audience. He gets millions of followers on social media and posts little stories from his everyday life and clips from recording sessions. With that engages with his fans by answering questions on Instagram/Facebook stories and live sessions on Instagram/Twitter.

Anuv Jain Social Media
FacebookAnuv Jain

Anuv Jain Net Worth

Exact numbers on Anuv’s net worth are not easily found. But it is safe to assume that he sure is making bank with his music and the huge fanbase. His estimated income source is from streaming sites, concerts and touring, and social media appearances. The income from Anuv’s streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music and his YouTube channel brings in most of his income. Furthermore, concerts, endorsements, and merch also contribute to its earnings.


The story of Anuv Jain from Ludhiana to the limelight of the music industry is a true inspirational tale of rags to riches. His musical career is vibrant, ranging from true lyrics and plain melodies to the heart of the people around the world. With this passion, he is bound to become much more influential in the Indian music industry. He keeps creating and performing hit songs. Even though he started his career by uploading songs on YouTube, now he already plays on national stages. One can definitely feel that it is not an easy road for him, and he is strongly connected to his roots. This wonderful combination of personal suffering and melody creation did not only cure his own heart but also pleased millions of listeners all over the globe. His songs are proof that reflect how art can come out of a tough situation and make an impact on its viewers or listeners.

Some Famous FAQs

Q1. Where did Anuv complete his education from?

Ans. He finished with a BBA from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies in Mumbai.

Q2. How Anuv started his career in music and what influenced him?

Ans. Anuv’s family noticed a change in him after his father died. This incident influenced his pain to create music.

Q3. Which are the instruments that are played by Anuv?

Ans. He mainly sings on guitar and ukelele and mostly sings acoustically without instruments.

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