How Can I Start An Audit Firm In Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

How Can I Start An Audit Firm In Dubai

Dubai is not just a small country with a lot of sand and no water. It’s a whole big empire with different types of global leaders across the world living in it and establishing their business and making a name out of it. One of the successful types of business in Dubai is starting an Audit Firm. This guide will be a lot helpful for you if you are an entrepreneur or just want to start a new business. AS you might be wondering, how can i start an audit firm in dubai ? Well, let’s just not worry about it right now. We will dive deeper into it from scratch and will try to answer each of your questions related to the audit firm. So let’s get started with this guide of an Audit Firm.

How Can I Start An Audit Firm In Dubai

To know about How Can I Start An Audit Firm In Dubai anyone need a comprehensive guide. To cover this guide in detail we have breakdown this process below in detail. This breakdown will helo you understand how can you start an audit firm in dubai step by step.

What Is An Audit Firm?

An Audit Firm is a type of firm which helps the organizations and companies to keep track and maintain their financial records and provide financial statements. It helps the company track and manage all the records related to finance and help them to make better decisions. It keeps transparency inside the organization. The main purpose of an audit firm is to represent the financial statements in front of the company in order to ensure the flow of money in-between the company.

Can You Start Your Own Auditing Firm?

Simply a yes, in order to start an auditing firm you require specific skills, experience and broad knowledge in the Finance domain. You must also have the abilities and skills required to set up and manage your own firm. You can create a digital or physical workspace based on your needs. Remember that it is a hassle job to set up your own firm but can be alot much fruitful too. If you have required skills and willpower you can make it happen, just learn from trial and errors.

How To Become An Auditor In Dubai?

To become an Auditor in Dubai you have to get an audit license from the Ministry of Economy (MoE) with certain qualifications and achievements. 

Here are some general criteria on how to get an Audit License in Dubai:

  • An  Audit License is a type of document which grants you permission to establish an Audit Firm.
  • A Bachelor as well as Master’s Degree in the field of finance or related to finance such as Mathematics, Arts, etc.
  • Have to pass some major exams such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standard in Auditing (ISAs), etc.
  • A person should have at least 5 years of professional experience as an auditor.
  • Reference and Certificate of someone who is professional or with the same background.

How Much Does An Audit Cost In Dubai?

In small companies the cost of an audit is around AED 1200 to 10000 ($300 to $3000) per year. But In Medium sized companies the cost of an audit can be nearly as AED 10000 to 40000 ($3000 to $10000) per year. In large enterprises the minimum cost of an audit is around AED 50000 ($13000) and can go as high as AED 250,000 ($70000) per year.

Why To Start An Audit Firm In Dubai?

There are various reasons to start an audit firm in Dubai such as:

  • No Tax Environment: One of the main reasons to start an audit firm in Dubai is its tax regulations. Dubai is widely known as a tax-free city. As it does not implicate any kind of tax charges on its citizens.
    • Emerging Hub: Due to its no tax environment and favorable location. Dubai is emerging as a new hub for many types of business including auditing firms. It is a non-dying city in terms of business in which you will only see growth since the last decade and will only grow in future.
      • Growth Opportunities: In Dubai, you will find top professionals and business owners. This will help you to unlock new opportunities by building connections with them. With this you can even scale your business or can unlock more options through networking.
        • Favorable Policies: There are so many policies and regulations which favors new business and helps them to set up their mark in the country. This is one of the main reasons why everyone wants to set up their business in Dubai. 
          • Excellent Infrastructure: The city is known for its advanced designs and cutting-edge technology. For new startups and for businesses it’s so easy to to set up a new office with advanced infrastructure which will make their work environment more feasible.

            How Can I Start An Audit Firm In Dubai Without Any Hassle

            After fulfilling all the legalities and getting an audit license. It’s time to start the work in below given steps.

            • Choose Location: Setting up your audit firm is important. You have to choose your location strategically if you are going for a physical workspace. Otherwise, you can also choose to work remotely and can set up your firm digitally. It will save your cost of office setup.
              • Office Infrastructure: The physical as well as digital workspace requires reliable IT services and equipment. To maintain the steady flow of work is essential in a fast paced environment. Make sure to invest your money in a long term infrastructure which ensures reliability and quality.
                • Hiring Candidates: One of the time consuming tasks is to choose the right candidate for your audit firm. As it takes the right vision and skills which aligns with the goals of your auditing firm. Make sure to find a trustworthy and humble candidate over achievements.
                  • Networking And Marketing: Now, the main thing comes is networking with the right type of clients. This will ensure connections for a longer term which will support your business. Marketing your firm is also an important factor. You can choose social media or digital marketing to reach a wider audience and find potential clients for your auditing firm.


                    We hope that you have got your answer here. How can i start an audit firm in dubai . As you see, starting an auditing firm in Dubai can turn out to be a profitable business. Make sure to choose the right team, the budget which suits you. Finding long-term clients can be considered beneficial for your business growth. Dubai is an emerging hub for new startups due to its business guidelines and a tax-free economy. It supports and favors businesses by helping them to establish their presence. In a nutshell, by considering various factors such as market availability, location, ventures and new startups. It is definitely a profitable business in the long run.


                    The information provided above is for educational purposes. We do not claim authority over any kind of data nor do we promote any activity or service. Before coming onto any kind of unnecessary conclusion. It would be better to do your own research whether it’s a business which suits you or not.

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