How to set up corporate formation in Malaysia the easy way

How to set up corporate formation in Malaysia the easy way

Those who own already a business or who are entrepreneurs looking to set up something new are accustomed to the challenges that are faced if they consider starting and managing a business in a foreign land. Only the foolhardy would try and go through the process themselves without seeking the help of those with vast expertise dealing with local issues which can cause huge inconvenience.

Malaysia might be one location being considered, with the major opportunities that it presents, with everything from favourable tax laws and ease of doing business to a skilled workforce waiting to display their talents. When factoring in that there is no language barrier, the country is an attractive place to live or visit, along with an excellent infrastructure, then there’s little wonder that an increasing number wish to set up there. However, to get started it is important to have the right support who can assist with corporate formation.

  • Fortunately, there is a company waiting to help that can provide all the necessary services to ensure that setting up is a quick and easy process. Laws in each country can differ hugely, so it makes sense to have an expert team that can provide the best advice so that compliance is met, and the local authorities are satisfied. Being able to do it quickly can save time and money, as well as plenty of frustration.
  • Being able to budget is important when starting out any new operation, so finding assistance with transparent pricing and a range of packages to suit individual needs is comforting. Some existing businesses might fancy testing the water and carrying out plenty of research before committing fully. They can be accommodated with the provision of a representative office as a non-trading entity. While it has limited business activities and timeframe, the package offers the easing of local compliance. It might be time spent studying strategies for managing long-distance freight transport.
  • There may be those who wish to bite the bullet and set up a private limited company with trading entity and being able to be 100% foreign owned. It can be a tricky process made easy in the hands of a team offering their vast experience to get things done quickly and efficiently, as many potential pitfalls will be averted. 
  • Those established concerns that may want to expand their foreign head office in Malaysia can also be taken care of. However, they do require a Resident Agent, which can again be organised easily by a trusted agency. Maybe a visit to view offices might include a visit to a famous attraction.
  • Conducting a business name search can also be organised, to ensure that it is available, while all administration tasks which can be confusing and take time will be looked after. The SSM will then provide a certificate of registration.

Malaysia is a fantastic country in which to own a business, but ensuring that it is set up correctly should be left to a company which has experience and knowledge in such dealings.

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