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In the era of social media where you can’t deny the influence of Instagram in sharing what’s happening, what’s in your thoughts and what are new updates. But sometimes you might want to view stories and their profiles without letting them know that it was you. That’s where Insanony solves your problem – To view Instagram stories anonymously. In this article We’ll talk about everything: What it is, how it works, unique features you should know before trying it, how many categories do they support and why this best suits for viewing IG Stories . So let’s get started.

An Overview On Insanony

Insanony is an online website whose real name is that offers a totally anonymous way to view Instagram stories and profiles. For watching anyone instagram story and profile just copy and paste their profile link on the website and type it manually. With an incredibly smooth interface and completely anonymous experience, It offers a relatively flawless user experience for anyone looking to browse through some of their contacts’ most recent posts.

Steps To Access Utilize Insanony

  • To Access the website, Just open your current browser and search for Insanony
  • This will take you to the homepage of the website where you will give a brief description about the website and its features.
  • To use the tool you need to provide the link or Username of the public profile that you want to watch anonymously in the search box.
  • Once you enter the username or link click on the search button.
  • After this the tool will start fetching the given profile and will show you the stories. Now you can watch them without showing your true identity.

Features Of Insanony

Insanony is a diverse platform designed specially for anonymous story and profile viewing. Here are some features that makes it the best tool for anonymous viewing:

  • Completely Anonymous Viewing: The core feature of this tool is to watch other people’s profile and story without letting the other person know that you have watched them. But you have to make sure that the person’s account you want to watch is public, not private as it only works for Public Profiles.
  • No Account Required: One of the amazing things about this tool is that it does not require any registration of account before accessing the platform. You can watch the stories and profile without any kind of registration.
  • No Hidden Cost: This tool is completely free to use. You can use it without paying anything. It’s available to anyone who wants to view Instagram stories and profiles anonymously.
  • Fast And Reliable: It is a very fast and secure platform where you can easily view both instagram stories as well as instagram profiles.
  • Easy To Use: The interface and all accessing its features are very simple – you don’t need any technical or other kind of knowledge to browse and watch the stories and profiles.

Benefits Of Using Insanony

There are more benefits to using Insanony than just looking at stories anonymously. Here’s why you should consider using it with your social media: 

  • Safeguard Your Privacy: Privacy is a matter of concern in this era of digital life. This tool helps you keep your privacy safe by letting you see the content without logging into Instagram or getting to know who you are. It’s helpful especially when someone wants to keep themselves away from the targeted ads or tracking.
  • For Research Purpose: Businesses, and marketers can use this tool to do market research without leaving a trace. You can anonymously view stories of your competitors or industry influencers to get an idea about the current trend so you can act wisely.
  • Stay Updated: If you’re following public figures or any influencer and don’t want to appear in their viewer list. It can help you with this too, stay updated without letting them know and feel like a ninja.

Is It Safe And Secure? 

People may have concerns about their privacy all the time. Insanony claims that their website is completely secure and safe without any data piracy. It is also virus free and will not cause any kind of harm to your device. Due to its security protocols it’s completely safe and optimal to use by everyone. Even Though, it is still recommended to use any kind of VPN service for such sites. 

Ethical Consideration

Most people may think that using such sites is not ethical or they will break any kind of rules and regulations. But it’s not completely true. You cannot cause any harm to anyone without letting them know and neither is your first priority. You are just doing it for your own safety. Even though, if you will use this tool to blackmail or harass someone then it’s a completely different matter and will be considered unethical. So make sure to use this tool for your own safety and not to cause harm to anyone online.

Connecting With Insanony Team

The platform allows its users to connect with it and share their thoughts. Alternatively, users can also get in touch with the site in case of having any trouble with its services. When you go on the official website of insanony, you will get the contact option on its dashboard. To connect with the team you have to go on the contact section and there the website has provided its email address and ask their users to share their suggestions and ideas. 

Our Reviews About Insanony 

As we have explored through the website and found it helpful for those who want to spy on any user. Also, it maintains the privacy of its users by not collecting data and by not allowing them to access any private account. But, in some ways it is not right to give access to a random person for checking up on someone. There may be chances of some risky consequences that can be done by those suspicious users who want to check up someone’s story or private activities. We do not support such activities and promote any platform. Therefore, here we have just shared our own experience and not encouraging any user to rely on these details.


In a world where social media privacy is just a thing of the past, Insanony provides an invaluable service for those wishing to view Instagram stories anonymously. Whatever content you’re interested in – be it friends, celebrities, public figures or brands –It offers you an anonymous way to view stories without revealing your identity. Visit now to start viewing Instagram stories without a trace and enjoy truly anonymous browsing which puts you back in control.

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