New Faridabad: Discover Its Charm And Significance

New Faridabad

New Faridabad is one of the densely populated cities in Haryana, India. The city has unparalleled charm and significance that is enough to attract tourists and businesses from all over the world. From popular educational institutes to captivating places to visit for vacationers, the industrial city of Haryana has so much more to offer to its visitors and residents. Despite several visits to the city, one would never get bored here. On the contrary, they are sure to embrace a new unique experience filled with soothing and promising ambiance. Whether setting up a new business or buying a charming house to live there permanently, New Faridabad offers a plethora of amazing options, facilitating one to plan a great life ahead. Once you land here, you will find many things to add to your bucket list. Let’s dig into more interesting facts about the city below that are beyond its top institutes, prominent shopping malls, ‌etc.

Greater Faridabad Or Neharpar

Greater Faridabad is also called Neharpar Faridabad. The area caters to the needs of residents and industries of all types. Sky-kissing buildings, architectural beauty, and lush greenery often welcome people with open wide arms. Neharpar’s commendable contribution to the retail sector has made it one of the top spots for businesses looking to invest in properties and lands. Its flourishing retail industries make it an ideal option for investors and businesses. Amid the hustle and bustle of urban settlement, one can plan to embrace spirituality by visiting its age-old temples. Moreover, it is dotted with plenty of amazing Waterparks that encourage you to spend quality time with friends and family, enjoying thrilling rides and various water activities.

Urban Facilities In New Faridabad 

To ensure improved quality of life, New Faridabad offers a diverse range of facilities to its people. Be it well-built highways or top universities to seek higher education, it often meets the dynamic needs of its residents. One of the top facilities in the city is – reputed educational and healthcare systems.

Education And Healthcare

New Faridabad is home to tons of prestigious colleges and universities that nurture students to turn them into proficient doctors, engineers, sportspersons, etc. Apart from this, the city also has the best and most reliable healthcare systems. Well-established hospitals and clinics never leave any stone unturned in providing top-notch facilities to patients. Irrespective of caste or community, the healthcare system takes care of the well-being of all. 

Commercial Centers And Malls

Besides world-class healthcare and education facilities, the thriving city of India takes care of the entertainment needs of its people. A myriad of shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, museums, and cafeterias give many options for people to choose from. Vibrant shops always welcome you with cheaper options to satisfy your shopaholic nature. Whether buying trendy clothes or dining out with loved ones, there are plenty of things to do here to rejuvenate your mind and body. If you are planning your trip to Faridabad, do not forget to enjoy street food sold by roadside vendors. Besides exploring malls and shops, one can also learn about the historic significance of the city by visiting its century-old monuments and forts.

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What Makes New Faridabad Stand Out?

Below you can check out the top attractions of Faridabad. These are the special things that define the city well.

  • Incredible Connectivity: New Faridabad is connected to Delhi and various other cities such as Noida, Gurgaon, etc in the NCR via expressways and metro lines, ensuring effortless movements for residents and visitors. Commuters can go to any city easily through metros, national highways, and airways.
  • Educational Hub: Owing to prestigious and reputed schools, colleges, and universities, New Faridabad stands out as the educational hub in Haryana. Students can choose to pursue their studies in any medium. The city has various UP and CBSE board schools to serve students coming from different backgrounds. One can explore its best schools and colleges depending upon their choice of course or stream.
  • Lush Green Parks: Another thing that drives people to New Faridabad is its plethora of magnificent parks and gardens replete with lust greenery. Whenever you feel like visiting a spot that can freshen up your mind by taking you close to nature, visit Faridabad’s popular parks and botanical gardens. Plan your morning walk in the park to embrace nature’s beauty at its best. Unwind yourself in the fresh air amidst the shadow of towering trees.
  • Prosperous Industries: In New Faridabad, you can find many multinational tech companies. Tech giants have set up their businesses in the city and because of this, many prefer to stay here to look up to a bright career and future. Apart from providing top education, the city offers‌ placements to top companies in big roles.

    Major Attractions In New Faridabad 

    Being a populated city of the world’s oldest civilization, New Faridabad has many old places that catch the attention of visitors and tourists. For history enthusiasts, it has many monuments and historical sites. Badkhal Lake and Surajkund Fort are the most explored sites in the city. If you are a cricket lover, visit the Nahar Singh Cricket Stadium spread over a large area of land. Moreover, it is famous for Raja Nahar Singh Palace, which sheds light on the early aspects of life in India. The city also has various glorious temples such as Shree Jagannath Temple, Triveni Hanuman Mandir Pali, etc for spirituality enthusiasts. Along with this, it has many fantastic places to dine with your family. Enjoy its spicy street food to fulfill your cravings. Exploring local markets can also add more fun and value to your life by giving you a plethora of shopping options.

    Wrapping Up 

    New Faridabad can be your ideal destination to visit in India if you are looking for top education centers, historical sites, renowned IT hubs, and so much more under one roof. As the list of offerings can be endless, ensure that you visit the place to explore things from your side.

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