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Prerna Malhan Biography

Prerna Malhan is a very well-known Indian YouTuber who is famous for her travel and lifestyle vlogs. Her channel’s name is “Wanderers Hub” and she runs it with her husband Harsh. She is popular since her youtube days but she became National sensation when her brother, Abhishek Malhan came in Bigg Boss. Read the entire blog for all her complete life journey.

Prerna Malhan Biography

Prerna Malhan is a popular YouTuber from India known for her engaging travel and lifestyle videos. She was born and brought up in Delhi. She did her schooling in Delhi. Later on, decided to pursue her career in content creation. Her family is a middle-class family. Her mother, brothers and husband are also well established youtubers. She runs the channel “Wanderers Hub” with her husband Harsh. Her travel vlogs, food reviews, and unique experiences from around the world. Her friendly and energetic personality has gained her a large following, making her one of the favorite travel vloggers on YouTube.

Prerna Malhan Age & Appearances

Prerna Malhan was born on April 7th, 1990, in Delhi, India.  She is 33 years old as of 2024. Meanwhile, Prerna Malhan age is quite young and she achieved almost every height of success in her life. Her astrological sign is an Aries. She is of Indian heritage.

In terms of physical appearance, Prerna Malhan is around 5 feet 7 inches or 1.7 meters tall and weighs 55 kg. She has brown Hair and brown eyes are mesmerizing. She has a very beautiful, slim-fit figure. 

Early Life  

Prerna Malhan’s early years stood out. She had a passion for adventure and media. This passion naturally led to a career in making digital content. Her early experiences in Delhi included intellectual and creative interests. They gave her a good basis for her distinct approach to storytelling and trip vlogging. This background helped her connect with a worldwide audience. She did it through her engaging travel films. They were on the Wanderers Hub channel. 

Prerna Malhan Parents And Siblings  

Prerna Malhan’s father is Vinay Malhan, a businessman. Her mother is Dimple Malhan, who has a YouTube channel called ‘Dimple Malhan Vlogs’. She is the sister of Triggered Insaan (Nischay Malhan), a YouTuber, and Fukra Insaan. Prerna, her brothers, and her mother often appear in each other’s YouTube videos. They also appear in each other’s Instagram accounts. 

Prerna married Harsh Gupta, a fellow YouTuber, in 2021. The pair runs a vlogging YouTube channel called ‘Wanderers Hub’. The duo travels to picturesque locations together and creates travel and cuisine videos. 

Prerna Malhan Family
Image Source Instagram

Prerna Malhan Education  

Prerna Malhan’s completed her schooling at Dav Public School Pushpanjali Enclave, Delhi. After that, she went to Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, GGSIPU, in New Delhi. It is part of IP University, in Delhi. She earned degrees in Mass Communication. Her educational background was crucial in developing her work as a content provider. Her time in Delhi gave her the skills and knowledge she needed to succeed in digital media. In this career, creativity and education fit together naturally. Her education gave her technical abilities. It also improved her ability to engage a wide range of people with her material. 

Prerna Malhan’s Professional Career  

Prerna’s YouTube channel is called ‘Wanderers Hub’. It has received billions of views and millions of subscribers. She began her YouTube career on June 6, 2016, by uploading cuisine and vacation videos. Her videos on YouTube quickly gained popularity and made her more and more well-known. She then joined forces with her husband, Harsh Gupta, to form one half of the channel. 

Since then, the couple has been to many exotic places. They include the North Pole, Japan, Korea, and Bhutan. Aside from vlogs, they also upload pranks, challenges, makeup, and ghost films to their channel. Prerna often features her brothers in her YouTube videos. They are Triggered Insaan and Fukra Insaan. One of the most-viewed videos on the channel is ‘TRY Not to Say WOW challenge feat. Triggered Insaan HARD”, which has over 48 million views as of today. It was published in March 2020. Other viral videos on the channel include “Brother VS Husband.” It asks, “Who Knows Me Better?” It’s from Wanderers Hub. Also, “Food in TV Ads VS in Reality (SHOCKING)” and “Giant Food That’s TOO BIG TO EAT!!” and “Don’t Choose the WRONG Mystery DRINK CHALLENGE!! 

Prerna Malhan Husband

Prerna got married to her childhood friend, Harsh Gupta. The duo used to be friends since their school days. Both of them were financially independent during their marriage days but, they became power couple after getting married to each other in 2015. They both were in young age and looked too cute together. Later on, they welcomed their first baby boy, Asher Gupta.

Prerna Malhan Husband

Social Media Handle   

Prerna Malhan has built a big presence on social media. She shares glimpses of her life and interests with a growing number of followers. Her engagement on these platforms shows her youthful energy. It also shows her connection with a young audience. They are keen to follow her journey. As she grows up, her social media activity offers insights. It shows how her personal and professional interests are changing.

YouTube ChannelWanderers Hub
X ( Twitter)@HubWanderers


Prerna Malhan’s Lifestyle 

Does Prerna Consume Alcohol? Not Revealed 
Does she, Smoke? Not Revealed 
Does she, Drive? Yes 
Does Prerna Malhan, Swim? Yes 
Does she know cooking? No 
Is she a Yoga Practitioner? No 
Does Gym? Yes 
Is Prerna Malhan a Jogger? Yes 
Eating Habit? Not revealed 

Prerna Malhan Net Worth  

She gets much of her income from YouTube. It comes from ads, affiliate marketing, and brand promotions. She also gets income from business ventures. Approximately Prerna Malhan’s current net worth is reported to be around 3.4 crore rupees. Her career is active, so we can expect her earnings to increase in the next years.


Prerna Malhan’s journey was from a devoted creator to a YouTube star. She made it with her partner Harsh Gupta. It shows her dedication and creativity in the digital space. Her channel is called Wanderers Hub. It reflects her adventurous spirit. She is committed to bringing engaging content to her audience. Prerna continues to explore new horizons and make impactful content. Her influence as a social media powerhouse is set to grow. It will inspire many others along the way. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Prerna Malhan?

Ans. Prerna Malhan is an Indian YouTube personality, content producer and social media phenomenon. She is best known for her Youtube channel ’Wanderers Hub’ which she owns with her life partner Harsh Gupta. She has also amassed a huge fan following on her Instagram account. 

Q2. Is Prerna Malhan Married?

Ans. Yes, Prerna Malhan is married to a fellow Youtuber Harsh Gupta. 

Q3. What is the age of Prerna Malhan? 

Ans. Prerna Malhan is 32 years old (as of 2023).

Q4. When is the Birthday of Prerna Malhan?

Ans. Prerna Malhan’s birthdate is April 7, 1990. 

Q5. What is the zodiac sign of Prerna Malhan?

Ans. Prerna Malhan’s zodiac sign is Aries.

Q6. How tall is Prerna Malhan?

Ans. Prerna Malhan is 5′ 7” tall. 

Q8. Where is Prerna Malhan from?

Ans. Prerna Malhan is from Delhi, India.

Q9. How much is Prerna Malhan’s net worth?

Ans. Prerna Malhan’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be greater than 3.4 crore rupees.

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