Rasha Kirmani: Biography, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth And More 

Rasha Kirmani

Rasha Kirmani is a Bollywood actress known for her charming screen presence and acting talent. She is also a successful businesswoman who owns a chain of restaurants and a fashion company. She has starred in several popular movies, winning hearts with her performances. Rasha is praised for her beauty and style, making her a favorite among fans and fashion critics alike. Despite being relatively new in the industry, she has made a name for herself through hard work and dedication. Rasha continues to rise in Bollywood, promising to be one of the top actresses in the coming years. Her journey is inspiring to many young actors and fans. She has been in a number of television episodes, films, and music videos. Kirmani is well-known in the arts and business and her impact continues to grow. Read the entire blog to learn more about Rasha. 

Rasha Kirmani Biography 

Born in a middle-class family in Hyderabad, Rasha Kirmani always wanted to become an actress. She always aspired to make her name in the Bollywood industry. Rasha has worked in different tv shows and movies. She also runs a successful business of restaurants and fashion labels. After completing her primary schooling, Rasha went to California for further studies. She is doing quite well in her career as an actress and is slowly earning a lot of fame.  

Rasha Kirmani Age

Rasha Kirmani is 28 years of age. She was born in the Indian city of Hyderabad in 1995. She is originally from India. 

Rasha Kirmani Height And Weight 

To define her physical appearance which include Rasha Kirmani height weight we have crated a chart below .

Height5.5 Feet
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Rasha Kirmani Early life  

Rasha Kirmani was born in Hyderabad, India in the year 1995. She set out on a career that would take her to fame in both the entertainment and business worlds. She completed her early schooling at a local school in Hyderabad. There is not much information available about her primary schooling. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Southern California. This degree was the foundation for her many career accomplishments. This educational foundation has been essential in developing her acting and entrepreneurial careers. 

Rasha Kirmani Family  

Rasha Kirmani takes her privacy seriously. This is especially true for her family life. She’s married and has a child. The precise facts of her family are not well known. But it is known that she selectively discloses aspects of her personal life via social media. Her role as a mother and wife rounds out her dynamic profession. It lets her balance her public image with a successful home life. The names of her parents and siblings are not disclosed but though her social media updates we can say that she is very close to her family and wants to keep her private life away from the limelight. 

Rasha Kirmani Education  

Rasha Kirmani’s education is highlighted by her graduation. She completed her degree from the University of Southern California. She got a Bachelor of Business Administration degree there. This schooling gave her a firm foundation in business concepts. She has used them in her businesses and acting career. Kirmani’s schooling was essential in making her a well-rounded professional. It let her combine her interests in arts and business. 

Rasha Kirmani Professional Career  

Rasha Kirmani is a prominent figure in entertainment and business. She acted in films and TV shows. She got praise for her performances. Kirmani has also tried her hand at entrepreneurship. She ran a restaurant chain and launched a fashion company. Her wide abilities and business savvy have made her a notable name in both fields. She is the owner of Kirmani biryani and kebabs restaurant. 

Rasha Kirmani Social Media handle   

Rasha Kirmani’s social media profiles are lively. They reflect her complex life. She is an actor, entrepreneur, and family lady. They uses these channels to talk to her followers. She gives behind-the-scenes details about her work and promotes her business. Kirmani is active on social media. This keeps her followers informed. It also boosts her exposure and impact in entertainment and business. She uses social media with purpose. It often fits with her branding and professional goals. This helps her keep a consistent and engaging online presence. 

Rasha Kirmani Instagram  (@rasha_kirmani) 
Rasha Kirmani YouTube  RashaKirmaniofficial
Rasha Kirmani Twitter  NA

Rasha Kirmani Hobbies And Interests 

Rasha’s hobbies and interests reflect her vibrant and dynamic personality. She has a job as an actress and entrepreneur. In addition, she enjoys activities that boost her creativity. They also help her relax. Specific hobbies are not detailed. But people in her field often partake in arts, travel, fashion, and food. These hobbies align with her life and career. She has a keen interest in Bollywood films and music. She also likes traveling and supporting women’s issues. 

Rasha Kirmani Net Worth  

Rasha net worth is about $1 million USD. It shows her career and financial smarts as an actress and entrepreneur. She gets money from performing, a restaurant chain, and a fashion line. These show her skill at making money from her abilities and commercial prospects. This financial estimate shows her strong management abilities. It also shows her smart investments in many industries. These things have grown her large financial portfolio. 


Rasha Kirmani is a mix of artistic skill and entrepreneurial passion. This makes her a remarkable figure in both the entertainment and business worlds. Her expertise shows the value of knowledge. It also shows the value of adaptability and of proactive interaction. These are with her followers and commercial initiatives. As Kirmani’s career progresses, she continues to inspire ambitious professionals across sectors. She proves that success is more than just excelling in one area. It is also about thriving in many disciplines at once. 

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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Actress Kirmani 

Q1. Is Rasha married? 

Ans. Yes, Rasha is married and has a child.

Q2. How old is Rasha? 

Ans. Rasha is 28 years old.

Q3. When is the Birthday of Rasha?

Ans. Rasha birthday is in 1995.

Q4. What is the Zodiac Sign of Rasha? 

Ans. The Zodiac Sign of Rasha is not known presently.

Q5. How tall is Rasha?

Ans. Rasha is found to be 5 feet 5 inches tall. 

Q6. How much net worth does Rasha have? 

Ans. Rasha has a net worth of around 1M USD.

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