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Yogesh Editography

In today’s world of the internet, editing has become one of the prominent skills in the career as well as business field. Nowadays, everyone wants to master the editing skill to grow their skillset. Whether you are a professional editor or just a beginner, having the right skills is important for you to grow in this field. To help you master the art of editing photos A digital platform named Yogesh Editography has come forward to provide you with mobile photo editing tips and tricks. In this blog we will learn more about this website’s features and benefits.

Overview Of Yogesh Editography

Yogesh Editography is a website which provides custom backgrounds for editing on mobile and tips to use editing resources such as snapseed qr code, Lightroom presets and VN editor filters etc. The name of the owner of this platform is Yogesh. He runs many social medial platforms with the same name. Below we are giving you complete information about them all.

Social Media Platform Handle Name Follower/Subscribers
GoogleYogesh Editography
YouTube@yogesheditography 299K
Instagram@yogesheditography 62.4K
FacebookYogesh Editography 8.6K
PinterestYogesh Editography 20K

This is a must have platform which every editor can use to upskill their photo editing by using their free resources.

Start Using Yogesh Editography For Editing

To start using its resources for your editing, follow these easy steps:

  1. Firstly open your chrome browser and search for Yogesh Editography.
  2. Open the official website of Yogesh, and navigate to the homepage.
  3. On the homepage you will find different categories and articles.
  4. Choose your desired category and article to understand the editing procedure.

Categories Available On Yogesh Editography

By understanding the diversity of its current audience, the platform provides several categories such as:

  1. Lightroom Presets: With tutorial and tips, editors can also access presets and effects of Adobe Lightroom. By using these available presets, users can improve their work speed and photo editing skills.
  1. VN Editor Filters: A popular video editing tool used to edit videos in a professional manner is VN Video Editor. The premade filters will make their work easy and much faster than usual.
  1. Snapseed QR Code: Snapseed is an advanced photo editing tool by Google. It is a multipurpose editing tool to create professional photos which works as an alternative to Lightroom. The snapseed qr code is provided on this platform which editors can scan to access different kinds of presets.
  1. Picsart Backgrounds: The website provides custom backgrounds of picsart to make photo editing easy for editors. A picsart is a powerful editing tool which is popular among editors. Editors can use these backgrounds to create professional edits.

Why Use Yogesh Editography?

Why this platform is so popular among the people below we are giving some example of it.

  • Amateurs: Those people who are beginners in editing and want to learn some new techniques. They can use this platform to get free presets and filters by which they can practice editing on their own.
  • Video Editors: Professional editors who are always searching for something new to stay ahead in the game of editing can take benefit of it by using premade filters, Yogesh Editography code of snapseed and Lightroom presets.
  • Content Creators: People who create content on social media such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. They can use its tutorials and resources to improve their content quality.
  • Freelancers:  Freelancers who are always in a hurry to learn new sets of skills and find new ways to improve themselves. The resources will be helpful for them as they can make their work much easier by using presets and premade filters.

Benefits Of Using Yogesh Editography

This blogging platform is made for editors and provides several benefits to them:

  • Free Resources: The resources such as Lightroom presets, Snapseed QR Code, VN filters are available for free for editors. They can use these resources in a private and professional way without paying anything.
  • In depth Tutorials: The tutorials provided on this website are well structured and easy to understand. Anyone can use it and also learn from them to improve their overall editing.
  • Saves Times: By using presets and filters editors can save a lot of time. As they do not have to spend hours editing a video or image. These resources will make their work easier.


This blogging platform is a powerful resource for editors as it provides multi-purpose materials to edit videos and photos. Yogesh Editography can be considered as a game changer for editors. They can learn new techniques with the help of tutorials. They can also get access to the editing materials for free which will help them to edit in less time. In a nutshell, this website can be used by every editor to enhance their skill set.


The above content is made for educational purposes. There is no promotion of the website or its content behind the scenes. Our only motive is to provide valuable information to our audience. For any more queries or doubts regarding this platform, consider visiting the official website.

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